Rare Shortcut Keys Of Windows

“Windows button +1, 2, 3, and 4…etc”. will Execute respective program on your task bar. It Will be helpful for user to execute his program if he/she pin it on initial numbers.

“Windows button + Alt+1, 2, 3, etc”. will open (not execute) the jump list for each program in the task bar. 

“Windows button + T” will show preview of task bar programs which are processing/working. This is similar to just hovering over the program/application. Once you highlighted the program/application, by clicking backspace or Enter key you can execute highlighted program/application.

“Windows button +Home” minimizes all programs/applications except current the window.
Same action with mouse “click on the top of window and shake it” look what happens….! It also will minimize all windows except current one…..!

“Windows button + B” highlights the system tray. And by clicking Enter key you can see working apps/pro.

“Windows button + Tab , Alt + Tab And Alt + Esc” will help you to switch between windows.

“Windows button + Pause break” will open your system properties window.

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Mohammad Syed Mohsin

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