How to use Cortana ...........? Commands are here....!

You can access Cortana by using one of the following methods:

1.            Press and hold the search button:  You will hear an audible tone indicating that Cortana is listening for commands.

2.            Press and release the search button:  A search box will be displayed allowing you to type-in a search query.  You can also hit the microphone button to initiate a verbal command.

3.            Please the Cortana app: This action will also display the search box.  Depending on how you configured Cortana, you may also see news or weather information displayed.
How to Change What Cortana Calls Me
To set the name that Cortana calls you, do the following: Launch the Cortana app, select the Cortana Notebook button ( ), select Settings, then select “change my name”.
Full Cortana Commands List
While the list of Cortana Commands is huge, it is not all inclusive.  I encourage folks to use the voice commands below to come up with their own new commands.  If you discover a cool, useful, or funny Cortana commands you would like to share, please use the comments section below.

Cortana Phone Commands

•             Call Wife on Speakerphone
•             Call Sister at home
•             Call boss on mobile
•             Call Tyrone
•             Redial
•             Press [number]

Cortana Texting (SMS) Commands

•             Text mom: What time is the birthday party?
•             Message my boss: I have completed the budget report
•             Send text to Tyrone: When are you coming to pick up my stuff?
•             Show me messages from Tyrone

Cortana Calendar Commands

•             Create a meeting with Tyrone at 2pm tomorrow
•             Create a budget review meeting today at 4pm
•             Change my 2pm meeting tomorrow to 3pm
•             Add Jessica to my meeting with Tyrone
•             Cancel budget review meeting
•             What does the rest of my day look like?
•             What appointments do I have tomorrow?
•             What’s on my calendar for Friday?
•             When is my next appointment?
•             When is my next meeting?
•             When am I meeting with Tyrone?
•             Where is my next meeting?
•             What am I doing this weekend?

Cortana Reminders

•             Remind me at 4pm to submit my time sheet
•             Remind me to buy gas when I leave work
•             Remind me to check the mail when I get home.
•             When my wife calls, remind me to ask her to pick up the kids
•             The next time I’m at the grocery store, remind me to buy eggs
•             Remind me to buy concert tickets tomorrow

Cortana Note Taking

•             Take Note: Pick up eggs, milk, bread, and cheese from the supermarket
•             Note: Suspect is five feet tall, heavy build, and wearing a Dallas Cowboys jacket

Cortana Alarm Commands

•             Wake me up at 6 am tomorrow morning
•             Set alarm for 7:30 am
•             Wake me up in 2 hours

Cortana Commands for Maps and Directions

•             Navigate home
•             Take me home
•             How do I get home?
•             What’s the traffic like on the way to work?
•             Get me directions to Union Station
•             How far is Union Station?
•             Where am I?
•             Show me a map of Washington, DC

Local Business Queries

•             Show me pizza restaurants nearby
•             Show me the nearest gas station
•             Find flower shop near my work
•             Is there a Walmart near me?
•             Get me directions to the nearest Starbucks
•             Show me highly rated restaurants nearby
•             Show me good Mexican restaurants nearby
•             What restaurants are open at 10am nearby?
•             Give me directions to the second one

Cortana Weather Commands

•             What’s the weather today?
•             What’s the forecast for this weekend?
•             What is the weather like in Philadelphia?
Cortana Flight Commands
•             What is the status of flight AA 5557?
•             Is America flight 76 on time?

Music Commands

•             Play artist (Play Alicia Keys)
•             Play song title (Play we are the Champions)
•             Play genre (Play Jazz)
•             Play playlist (Play Old School Rap Playlist)
•             Play album (Play Ready to Die)
•             Pause the music
•             Resume the music
•             Play the next track
•             Play the previous track
•             Shuffle the music
•             What song is playing?

Random questions

•             Who is the mayor of Washington, DC?
•             What’s the population of India?
•             How old is Hulk Hogan?
•             What should I not eat when I’m pregnant?
•             Show me a picture of a pit bull
•             Who is Kanye West?
•             Find recipes for baked chicken breasts

Cortana Math Commands

•             What is 21 divided by 7?
•             Convert 3 miles to feet

Cortana App Commands

•             Open camera
•             Turn on airplane mode
•             Turn on quiet hours
•             Turn on Wi-Fi

Cortana News Commands

•             Show me today’s news
•             Show me the top headlines
•             Show me the local news
•             Show me the international news

Cortana Stock and Finance Commands

•             How is the stock market doing today?
•             How is Microsoft Stock doing today?
•             How much is the Facebook stock per share?
•             Convert 100 dollars to Canadian.

Cortana Sports Commands

See Cortana NFL Picks to see which NFL team Cortana predicts will win each week.  See her win/loss record as well.
•             Who will win Team A or Team B? (Who will win, Philadelphia Eagles or Jacksonville Jaguars?)
•             When does the Philadelphia Eagles play next?

•             What’s the latest scores for the Philadelphia Phillies?

  You can also see videos of this topic at following links


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