How to run prohibited sites using Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox Browsers

Trick to open YouTube using Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers

Now click one of them, respective to your browser Installed.
For example if you have installed Google Chrome write " Zenmate for Chrome"
Hit Enter and click on the option whose URL contains word "Chrome". As shown in Figure placed Below.

After clicking the link you will be taken to Google store. There you have to click on button "Add". Once the extension has been added to chrome and other browsers, you have to give email address to verify your identity. After filling email the extension of Zenmate will be displayed on the top right corner of your browser.
Now you can enable Zenmate to open sites which are closed Country wide by Government and the servers.

The Procedure Is approximately Same In other Browsers
To install Zenmate on Following Browser simply click on them.

Now my Suggestion
Do not use server of USA it will slow down your browsing speed.


Mohammad Syed Mohsin

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